Review Circular Saw

Are you searching for a new circular saw? I am. I have an old one I purchased at Home Depot that’s just about had it. So I’m taking a look to obtain a circular saw buying guide. Can I go cordless? How much will it be used by me? What do I want it for? How much power do I need in my saw?

I talked to my brother Joe about it. He is a builder in New York, Buffalo and a fan. He goes for top of the line quality in his or her tools. Joe explained that cordless circular saws are great for when you’re working up on a roof or in locations where there is limited or no electricity access. So far as strength, Joey says that the cordless tools have corded tools’ power. Almost, but not quite and certainly not if you’re using them to cut framing bits all day long. Joe has a wormdrive and a circular saw. He pulls out when he wants to get through the stuff his Skil HD77M wormdrive circular saw. But daily when he is going to cut 2×4’s, he uses DeWalt 368K to the weight. And he utilizes his DeWalt cordless DC300K. Joe said since it gets cold in Buffalo, he got to the NANO technology and he desires the reliability of Lithium Ion batteries, which will perform in cold temperatures. And the thing about them is the DeWalt NANO batteries are backward compatible with of his DeWalt cordless tools.

Hmmm. But what type of saw do I need? I’m an that has a job as the editor of a tool site, while I’m not a contractor. Yup, I get a discount I have been taking advantage of this! (shameless plug;0) Seriously though, even though I did not receive the discount, ToolKing has the best prices, especially if you select the reconditioned variations (believe me, I have checked around). ToolKing’s secret (for whatever you e-commerce wannabe’s) is that they buy in very large amounts from firms like DeWalt and Makita and that leverage makes them a better price deal, which they then pass on to their client.