Iron On Labels For Clothing

Customized Iron On Name Labels


While our Iron on Labels can be used on most cloth items our own labels are meant to be applied for branding clothing. We currently have easy-to-read printed brand labels, and also iron on weaved labels for a stylish look, and our special “tagless” Letter Transfers. Pick from a huge range of font and design choices. Our label examine capabilities allow you to look at what your label will appear to be before ordering. The label preview can be seen on the product page.

Personalized iron on title Custom Patches are very easy to apply to kid’s school clothing and clothes for residents in nursing homes who want long lasting laundry labels. Our beautiful woven and silk iron on labels are also great for handmade products, and for small firms who want a classy and professional label.

Get more info about our extensive variety of iron on labels beneath and then click on the name of the brand you are interested in to view the useful product page, where an individual can see all designs, colors and fonts, and place an order.

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Iron-On Regular Labels

  • Thin, long lasting, general-purpose iron on clothing labeling
  • Available with 1 or 2 lines of written text
  • A choice of lettering colors, fonts, as well as icons
  • Ideal name labels for clothing, bed and bath sheets, etc.

Iron-On Fun Labels

  • Simple colors or even kid-friendly colorful patterns
  • these name labels are accessible with 1 or 2 lines of written text
  • these iron on clothing labels are thin and flexible
  • Ideal labels for clothing, bed and bath sheets, etc.

Iron-On Black Satin Labels

  • Printed thin and smooth black iron on labels
  • Obtainable with 1 or 2 lines of written text
  • Choice of lettering colors, fonts as well as icons
  • Ideal iron-on clothing labels for family members, crafters, firms, etc.

Iron-On White Satin Labels

  • Printed thin and smooth iron on labeling for clothes
  • Available with 1 or 2 lines of written text
  • Choice of lettering colors, fonts and icons
  • Ideal iron-on clothes labels for family members, crafters, firms, and so on

On 3/8″ Classic Weaved Labels

  • Text is embroidered on the label
  • These woven labels can have 1, 2 or 3 lines of written text
  • Large choice of designs, colors and icons
  • Stylish labels for clothing, sheets, crafts, handmade products, etc .
  • These iron on labels are available in amounts of 100

 Iron-On 5/8″ Classic Weaved Labels

  • Text is embroidered on the label
  • these weaved labels can have 1, two or three lines of text
  • large selection of styles, colors as well as icons
  • elegant labels with regard to clothing, linens, crafts, hand crafted items, etc
  • these iron-on fabric labels can be found in quantities of 100

Iron-On Letter Transfers

  • A tag less iron on outfits label option
  • Best for people with very sensitive skin
  • Name is composed of small individual letters
  • Work especially well on soft, stretchy materials
  • Iron-On Woven Labels

Fast Turn-around Available

  • Easy Apply “Iron-On” Support
  • Apply Using Home Iron or Heat Press
  • Long lasting and Permanent Iron-On Adhesive
  • Up to Eight Thread Colors

Instructions: Set heat press to 320°F or household iron to medium cotton setting. Press tightly for 20 seconds and let cool totally. That’s it!

Get your free art work proof within two business days. You will be able to take on your proof or make any adjustments if important before we produce the full order


Iron on Clothes Labels is a long lasting transfer that embeds into the weave of the cloth. The flexible fabric allows it to move and extend with the material, essentially turning out to be a part of the outfit. Iron on Clothing Labels is safer for the washing machine and dryer.


With a large selection of bright and bold patterns and colors we will have something that will match every kid’s unique character! Find their favorite icons or pattern and label their apparel for a bit of extra fun.


 Peel to take out Iron on Clothes Label from backing and place face up on fabric so that text is showing.

  1. Cover the Iron on Label with given parchment paper and iron over using a DRY iron, in between a MEDIUM-HOT (silk cotton) setting.
  2. Press tightly over the label for 10 seconds. Do it again as needed to make sure the label is tightly applied and not lifting at any side.
  3. Allow to cool before usage.

Designing Your Printed Labels

A big issue you will deal with. Finding a labels provider is minimal run size for custom labels particularly full color customized tags for clothing. If you only want a small amount of cloth labels for hand crafted goods, they often begin at 1000 or 5000 labels and will charge a small fortune. You won’t need that many at the start so why put that much money into stock? Custom name tags also change. You might find your need to change the pattern or adjust the label name and that will be a bad loss if you make a huge order. Best thing to do is to make label tags in short run, especially useful as customized fabric labels for crafts, handmade as well as knitted goods. Our minimal quantity is 1 pack and we can print out as little as 20 labels hand prepared for you. This assists you get it right in the long term. Use us for trying things out and we will assist to build your brand. We offer our hand crafted labels in packs of 20, 40, 100 and 200 labels (and we always add some extras).

Take note that what is included in your style is a 0. 4″ seam allowance at the end of the label, where it will likely be stitched. Please do not make use of this area for a design, as it will disappear when you start stitching. Please also take note of the 0. 12″ bleed region in the design interface. Our sizes consist of:

Care instruction

Our cloth labels have a long term wash fast print. The fabric is solid, yet smooth, and will simply last the life of your dress or item. To be sure of your label stays in tip-top condition we suggest ironing at 86°C maximum. Cool cleaning, 104°F maximum. Tumble drying on low heat. Going above these settings can lead to color bleed.

Label Positioning

Our exclusively weaved name labels can be used on any article of clothing and will not lose color or fade over time. Put labels on: Shirts, Blouses and Cardigans, Robes and Nightgowns, Caps, Hats, Bed linens and Towels, Ties and Belts, Bras, Halters, Trousers and Shorts, Socks, Stockings, Scarves, Handkerchiefs, Underwear, Pantyhose, Swimsuits, Slips, Skirts & Dresses, and Stuffed animals and other products


The beauty of customized iron on clothing tags is their simplicity as well as effectiveness. Being employed as a teacher in Kindergarten, I understand directly just how hard it is for children to maintain their things. Furthermore, i understand just how annoying it is when things mysteriously vanish somewhere between the car and the classroom and also vice versa. It felt as though we invested a lot of time “searching for stuff”. Things like library books, school bags, sweaters, jackets, folders, water bottles, as well as lunch boxes. The school is certainly under no obligation to guard these losses. I have had parents become quite irate when their kid continuously manages to lose items.

Being a teacher, I can let you know that if we invested the precious time it takes to find dozens of lost items, then there would not be enough time for teaching. I am aware that the art of misplacing things is a natural right. I have seen moms and dads go to great measures to make sure to instill in their children responsibility. I have seen kids arrived at school on chilly, snowy days having two gloves just to leave with only one; looks like they misplaced the other one sometime during the day. Applying iron on clothes labels is an easy way of guaranteeing the item is returned on time and not condemned to waste eternity inside the lost and found.

Exactly like adults, kids have many things on their minds throughout the day at school. Surprisingly, they stress out much like we do. So, I feel that penalizing them for losing stuff hoping to teach them a lesson is the completely wrong strategy to use about it. I do believe they need to be taught responsibility for their items but getting them return home with frostbite is not my notion of tough love. I believed the solution to all the “lost and found” problems can be fixed by making a list. The challenge with this is that the lists all began disappearing. Hence, there we were, back at square one.

As they get older, they will learn how to be more accountable for their possessions and they will be aware of the importance of it. But, till then, I discovered a great new approach to help my kindergartners maintain their things while getting things easier for the teacher at the same time. As an experimental run, I purchased peel-and-stick labelling to put on every lunchbox and each water bottle which I had inside my class. I guarantee from that day on, I under no circumstances had a pupil lose their lunchboxes or even water bottles. As soon as I began seeing those kids arrived at school with their possessions labelled, I figured out that this was not a fluke. I initially started revealing this new discovery with parents who demonstrated great interest due to frustration with their youngsters losing things.

I urged parents to broaden this practice to make use of iron on clothes labels too. This ended up being a bit more difficult than merely writing a name upon a peel-and-stick tag and sticking it over a smooth surface such as a lunchbox. I did some searching thus i located Mabel’s Labels, a great organization which has been doing business for a long period. They offer customized iron-on that stick to virtually any fabric and are ideal for uniforms, jackets and even more. Tag-Mates(TM) are usually no sew, no iron clothes labels which peel off and stay with the care labels on clothing. They additionally have footwear labels which are extra tough and also fit perfectly in the insole of boots, shoes and much more. Their bag labels are durable metal tags which are ideal for labelling school bags, diaper bags along with other bags.

Trust me on this…. in the end, We mastered this in my Pre-school class and is it not correct that all we ever wanted to understand, we mastered in Kindergarten?

Shirts, stockings, pants, or jackets… iron-on labelling apply to most materials, and transfer in half a minute. These long lasting iron-on labels remain on through all the components. Make customized labels for clothing making use of your logo design, or business name to brand your company!

Use Our Smart Internet Site To Preview Your Labels Prior To Ordering

Utilize our product creator to select from a variety of offered colours, fonts as well as original designs, and then simply include your name! You will love having the ability to preview your completed, personalized product before putting in you order! Not very sure which of our items to choose? Get in touch with us, we will gladly advice you on what product might very best suit you. When it involves Customized Clothing Tags choose the original and the best.