Dealing With Uncomplimentary YouTube Comments

YouTube is a superb platform through which you can market your videos. You can set up your own personalised channel so people can follow you if they like your work.

The ability to Youtube Comment poster on your videos helps you build relationships and a loyal following, which is fantastic, but every now and then you’ll receive a comment that is offensive, rude and at times disgusting.

Why people visit the Internet with the sole purpose of leaving such comments remains a mystery to many. No one quite knows what motivates them to trawl the net to find victims they can spew their venom at. But when they do its always an unpleasant and hurtful experience.

So how do you deal with it?

First off, remember that it isn’t personal. They do this type of thing to everyone, whether it’s ranting over a missing comma or misspelt word, or trashing your video production, they just want attention – so don’t give them any.

If you dive in with all guns blazing and write an equally defamatory comment back you’ll be lowering your standards to theirs, so don’t. They want to pull you into an Internet spat, so don’t give them what they want.

Instead, you need to get smart. The best type of comeback is a funny one, but they’re not always easy to pull off (remember irony and intonation don’t carry well in the written word). But, this type of response will see them scuttle off to their hole.