CBD Oil Online Revenue Merchant Account Services

Are you currently in search of a cannabis or cannabidiol (CBD) oil online sales merchant accounts services solution for your small business? You have come to the perfect location!

In The Transaction Group (TTG), we have been working with the cannabis industry since 2010. We’re known for service to the marijuana industry in america and our support of. And, we’re known for our dedication. We’re experts In regards to payment options.

With our banking partners, we have the ability to assist all high-risk business companies in the U.S. with their credit card processing requirements, including setting up cbd oil merchant account online retailers or retailers with merchant accounts services solutions.

Businesses in the CBD industries and the payment processing do partner as we would hope. Many banks and merchant account services suppliers choose not to work with companies in this industry only as they’re guilty by association with the marijuana market.

TTG knows the frustration that CBD retailers have faced in recent decades. With no card solution with a payment gateway by a merchant account services provider risk retailers that are online have no means of running a company.

Of course there are always risky merchant accounts services providers prepared to take advantage of companies in these predicaments. These businesses make rates charging as large as 10% in addition to including reserve requirements.