Before Getting a Personal Loan

It can happen to anyone, 1 day everything is fine and the next your car breaks down or you’re faced with a significant home repair. If you’re like nearly all people, you don’t have several thousand-tucked back for all these eventualities leaving you with few alternatives. It’s at this stage a Personal Loan Singapore starts to look very enticing. However, there are some points to think about before signing on the dotted line.


As a general rule, the conditions of a private loan from a moneylender will be similar. Even so, this doesn’t mean that they are perfectly identical, and therefore you will need to do your assignments. What is the amount of the agreement? How soon will you be asked to pay back the loan in full and maybe most importantly what are the rates of interest? You might need money quickly, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t shop around.


Have you been required to put any kind of security for the loan? This could have a caveat to your arrangement, allowing the creditor to sell any real property, you have to meet the conditions of the agreement. Would you like to risk a lien on your house or vehicle if you are unable to repay the loan or if you’re late on a payment?

Borrowing Limits

What is the maximum amount you can borrow? Personal loans from a moneylender, especially the ones that don’t have any collateral, are based on your earnings. Some lenders will use your yearly income, while some prefer to check at your latest weekly or bi-weekly pay. Based upon your income and the specific lender you choose, amounts could vary from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

Understand the Fees

What additional fees is the moneylender eligible to? Once more, this will probably vary from one lender to another, but you can usually be ready to face more fees for late payments or any legal fees that the lending company might incur attempting to recover the loan in case you default.

Final Thoughts

Personal loans aren’t only intended for emergencies, actually they’re quite common location for property or business bridge loans as well as to purchasing a new car or other financial projects. Medical costs are a climbing motivator for private loans also. The important point to remember about private loans is to always read the fine print, know just what you’re agreeing to before you sign the papers!